Tuesday, 15 October 2013


After being MIA for the past long while, I've decided to return to my mommy blog. Still exhausted, stressed, and seemingly with no time to write, but, alas, a little is better than nothing, no?

I am hopelessly in love with baby no. 3. No, it's not favoritism, but I do feel more love for him than the other two. I would never say I love him more, no... But when I look at him, my whole body just fills with intense emotion. I want to touch him, squeeze him, look at him, marvel at all that he does, is. He is just super special, perfect. It's a miracle that he walks, breathes, runs, utters any sound at all. And he is growing, and he has his own personality. He learns things, and is playful. He'll banter and engage me, teasing me, and responding to my teasing him.


And to think that I felt this all before with the other two.

Did I appreciate them the way I appreciate him? I certainly hope so. Because if not, that means that I may very well be spoiling my baby, my third, the infamous last child. And, it also means that everyone is right: that it all passes too quickly and that I ought to appreciate every single second.

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