Wednesday, 3 August 2011

white noise

I need more ears, mouths, brains so I can hear everyone, talk to everyone, and process everyone's needs simultaneously.

By everyone I mean my two children, hubby and my mom, who each have a special relationship with me, and who demand my 100% attention as soon as they start to speak, usually simultaneously. The crazy thing is that none of them can hear the other talk. So, for example, hubby and Sebastian will talk to me at exactly the same time, in two different languages, and they are both completely oblivious that the other is also talking to me.

Same happens with my mom: she will even talk to me when Sebastian or Lucas have already started talking, without hearing them. Craziness. It drives me completely batty! I inevitably snap at the closest person to me, because it is so self-centered to not even HEAR others. I've actually started explaining to Sebastian not to interrupt. He is starting to understand. But how do I educate hubby and abuelita????

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