Thursday, 20 January 2011

how many me-s?

I just googled myself. Yes, it's lame. But it's been years. And there are a tonne of me. Where did they all come from? It is freaky to know that there are a few in England, a few in the USA. One in NYC studying at Columbia... They all seem more interesting and exceptional than me.

But it's all an illusion. And the illusions created by images, titles, awards and a presence on the web don't mean anything. I mean, I kick butt, right? I just don't flaunt it, right? Oh dear, the doubts are toxic.

I suppose I should be grateful: years ago I googled myself, and the only me's I found were convicted pet-abusers and random weirdos. At least now, if someone googles me, they might actually think I am better than I am! :)

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