Wednesday, 10 November 2010

bunkbeds, stage 1

So we bought a bunk bed. No, not so that the kids can sleep in them and we can free up some space in the minuscule baby room. But so my mom can sleep in there, and not on the floor.

Yup, still trying to find ways to get Sebastian to sleep in his room, alone in his bed, through the night, without waking up all the adults. This is stage 1 of the bunkbed era.

The idea, which I thought was brilliant, consists in having him sleep on one bed, having my mother on the other, Lucas in his crib. He would get used to having abuelita in the room with him - but not right beside him - that he would stop waking up at night, because he would just know that she was above him. Then, when she leaves, if he starts waking up again, either hubby or I could crawl INTO THE SINGLE BED - relieve his fears, but still get a good night's sleep. AND, the one who needs to wake up VERY early, could still do so without the risk of waking up one, then both, of the boys.

Up until abuelita started sleeping on the floor, basically, hubby and I would decide who had to leave early, and then that person would sleep in Sebastian's bed when he moved over to ours. BUT, inevitably, the early wake-up person sometimes would wake up Lucas, and the beginning of the end of the night would start.

So many details, so complex, and yet so simple.

And I still wonder whether we should even be trying to independent-ize Sebastian: if he needs to be sleeping with us, shouldn't we just let him????

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