Thursday, 12 November 2009

Who's more tired?

I hate it when we get into this power struggle. Because the truth is I am more tired, I do more, I compromise more, I get less alone time, less fun time, less getting-it-out exercise time.

The world being what it is, and men being who they are, my husband will never see this reality. The real frustration comes less from this reality than from the fact that my husband thinks HE does more, is more tired, compromises more, gets less alone time, less fun time, less getting-it-out exercise time.

So when hubby is going out for dinner in the evening, and leaving me alone to put the kids to bed - well, I always put the kids to bed - the least he could do is clean up the kitchen. But yesterday, he decided unilaterally that "he had done enough yesterday" and therefore I shouldn't push it, and I should clean the kitchen.

Of course, he has a nanny for 6 hours of the day, he gets every evening to himself, which he spends browsing the net and watching TV, any time there is sun and wind, he is out windsurfing, and of course, when I get home, I have to pull my weight because he did MORE in the home during the day.

And tonight, to drive the point home, he got up from dinner, and didn't even put his dish away. He went to computer to browse the net, and is now sitting watching TV.

I have to get up at 6am tomorrow, as I do 5 days a week, I have to spend 2 hours commuting, working full-time, and then on weekends, I have to let the nanny off and he still has to windsurf. So my weekends I am on full-time even more than he is during the week.


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