Friday, 6 November 2009

Halloween please

Last week, when I got back from work-week-away, it was Halloween. But since I was exhausted, and my kids have no idea what day it is, I celebrated it on November 1. This wouldn't normally have been a problem, except that we were going to the local pasticceria, and we were all in costume.

"Hey, why not? Who cares? What will people care? Of course you are just celebrating Halloween the day after, people will figure that out!"

But in effect, I doubt it.

In Italy, November 1 is the day of the dead, and everyone actually goes to cemeteries to pay respects. They all then head to the local pasticceria for some pastries and hot chocolate. Actually, in rural Italy (which is where I live), they don't even celebrate Halloween. So seeing two grown women and two little boys with little ponytails/snail antenna popping up from their heads is NOT obviously extended Halloween partying.

Moreover, in Italy, everyone thinks it very important to be like everyone else: innovation, diversity, originality are for crazy people only.

Call me the crazy Maccagno mama.

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