Thursday, 23 February 2012

stress-free week

... relatively speaking.

I am sleeping at work for the 5 days leading up to big departure day. This is an effort to attenuate the stress in my life in this last month before baby no. 3. I am terrified that if I get too agitated, that Nicolas (yes, we've chosen his name) will be colicky or hyper, or overly excited, etc. Plus, he's going to be an Aries. (yikes!!!!) All I have to think about is work while I'm here: no commute, no shopping, no meal prep, no disciplining, kitchen clean-up. Plus the big bonus of sleeping through the night (!!!!!). I am lightheaded with all this freedom. I can go read, I can blog, I can go for a walk, I can go grab a "drink" with a friend, or I can work, sigh....

I am going to call home and see how the boys are doing.

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