Friday, 1 January 2010

Big brother, little brother

I have had so many delicious parenting moments in the past few weeks. The ones that stand out most right now are the ones that shed light on Sebastian and Lucas's relationship with one another! It is crazy that the simplest and most common realities of sibling life can be so intensely edifying...

Grocery shopping with the two: Sebastian and Lucas holding each other's hands; Sebastian nagging Lucas to come back to the trolley; Sebastian putting the yellow bowl that Lucas took down back onto the shelf.

Potty-training Sebastian: the little M&M treats must absolutely not be given to Lucas, "Baby, nooooo" as Sebastian wags his fingers; Lucas just DYING to get onto the toilet so he can be like his big brother.

Sebastian noting that there is a crack on the wall, and when mommy asks who dun it (teasing daddy for having done a less-then-perfect drywall job), Sebastian answers, "Baby!"

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