Sunday, 11 October 2009

hubby back from vacation

And I didn't even notice he was gone. Well, I did, but it was because I could do what I want, and had to take out the garbage myself. Otherwise, no difference. And now he's back, and we've exchanged about 50 words, and here I am blogging, and there he is watching TV.

I don't get why marriage is such a big deal. Why do people want to get married? Why do women think it is the end all of all things? It is mostly tedious, boring, and annoying.

Maybe I expect too much from marriage. But, really, I noticed this week, I have trained myself to expect nothing. And nothing I receive but someone to help pay the bills and keep the house.

I may have picked the wrong man. BUt I know that I didn't. When I met Tiziano, he was exactly what I needed and wanted. And thanks to him, I have grown and matured. But now I want more: I want a friend, a companion to do things with and talk with, and to get excited with about nothing and everything. All he gets excited about is windsurfing, the weather, cars, manual, practical stuff.


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